Holding a Beauty and the Beast party? The great thing is there is so much material to choose from!  
Princess Birthday cake
Teapots, teacups, storybooks, candelabras, clocks, red roses, magic mirrors and golden ballgowns are just some of the things from this fairy tale that you can use as inspiration! In this blog post I thought I would put together a small collection of themed cakes that I have seen at parties to help anyone who is planning their own Beauty and the Beast party. One cake that really stands out was Georgia's 3rd birthday cake who had a 'Once Upon a Time' Storybook Cake. The amount of detail and the fact that it is personalised is pretty special! 
Hettie's Mum made a classic Barbie Doll Dress Cake from watching YouTube tutorials for her 3rd birthday party! This dress is certainly one of the best to use for this style of cake! I love the idea of using a toy belonging to the birthday child and they really love it too because they feel it is a cake made specially for them! The homemade touch is so sweet and the birthday child is always so proud to say that their Mummy or Daddy made their cake! 
Barbie Doll Dress Cake
Birthday girl Arianna had a Snowglobe Cake for her 5th birthday party along with Character Cupcakes for her guests. If you're planning on having the main birthday cake to be shared amongst family only, additional cupcakes to hand out to party guests works well.  
Castle cakes are very royal and using character figurines is a great way of adding more detail from the story without the extra cost as you could even use the birthday child's toys from home. 
Tiara/Dress Cakes are a very elegant style of Princess cake! With two or three tiers, intricate dress details, character figurines, a tiara or sparklers on top they are beautiful creations! I love the swirl design on Jessica's 5th birthday cake and if you are having lots of party guests these cakes are great to share amongst both the kids and parents! On Jasmine's 5th birthday cake the tiara on top is wearable and it's a lovely touch to sing Happy Birthday and to then crown the birthday girl with the tiara as the Birthday Princess! 
Singing 'Happy Birthday' and seeing the birthday child with their own special cake at a party is one of the best moments. Seeing all of the different ideas, the talent and the creativity for each and every cake, big or small the birthday child will be so thrilled and it's the thought that counts! Sadly I do not know most of the cake makers for these creations apart from Gardeners in Northampton who designed Jessica's 5th birthday cake (click on the photo to go to their website) so feel free to check them out! Got any cake maker recommendations? Feel free to leave any details in a comment below!  
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