Parties at home add that personal touch! Think of the fun memories that will be created in your own home and imagine your child opening their front door to find their favourite hero outside on their special day! 
It depends on what space you have available in your home but inviting a smaller number of guests gives a lovely intimate atmosphere. With a large village hall / community centre sometimes the children can be a little overwhelmed especailly very young children. If the children are in a familiar space they are usually much happier and more comfortable with a party at home. 
There are no hall hire costs! 
Spend less on decorations.You can really simplify decorations and re-use what you already have. If your child has received birthday cards you could find a nice way to display them. Have a present area/table available for guests to leave any gifts, get out any old fairy lights and if you like you could put the birthday cake out on show. Instead of buying lots of little balloons that may pop you could certainly have one big helium balloon wih the age of the birtday child as this also makes a lovely photo prop! 
Spend less on food. You could contain party food into individual lunchboxes, inside you can put a couple of sandwiches, a small packet of raisins/pot of grapes/strawberries, perhaps a packet of crisps and a juicebox and then have some birthday cake to take home or for dessert! 
Take a photo/video of your child's reaction to opening the front door to their favourite Princess. If you have an extra adult have them wait outside standing behind the Princess so they are ready to capture your child's face, it is a lovely moment! 
Rapunzel party
Dancing with the Snow Queen
You will need time to prepare your home for your party guests, to clean and tidy, put any breakables away and possibly shift any furniture around to make extra room beforehand. Why not get the birthday child involved? Get your little helper to tidy, put away their toys, shoes, clothes, they could help put the lunchboxes together (write the names of the children on stickers to put on the lunchboxes perhaps?) and prepare party bags and they would feel proud of their hard work to get the house ready to welcome their friends for the fun part! 
Cleaning up afterwards! Of course after the party when everyone has said goodbye it will be cleaning away any remaining mess and putting things back in their usual places! 
Avoiding food mess! If you're able to move the children in the kitchen for party food this might help to contain any food mess. If the kids are eating in the main party area in your home (could be the lounge/sitting room/play room) put down a table cloth or some sort of floor cover to create a birthday picnic whilst avoiding any spillages or stains! Remove this when the children have finished eating to avoid kids tripping up over any extra material on the floor! 
Personally, parties at home are my favourite to visit as a Princess Entertainer! The birthday child loves showing your Princess their birthday cards, gifts, any favourite toys they have, it is so exciting! I hope this Blog helps to give some fun ideas but if there is anything I've missed please feel free to comment below! 
Beauty and the Little Beasts!
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