Each of the tables at our wedding were Fairytale and Princess themed. 
Some have obvious references whilst others are a bit more vague. Can you guess what they all are? 
Snow White Table Decor
Cinderella's Pumpkin
Peter Pan Table Decor
Beauty and the Beast Table Decor
Love is an Open Door Little Mermaid Table Decor
Scottish Princess Table Decor
Aladdin Table Decor
I wanted the centrepieces to be very subtle hints of the different stories. It took a while for our guests to guess the table with the horseshoe above which was funny. They had lots of good ideas like Robin Hood, Pocahontas etc. so the centrepieces also worked as a good talking point which is what I had hoped for! On the right are my own doodles that I sent to the Florist when coming up with ideas for centrepieces. I found it to be the easiest way to communicate what I wanted them all to look like and I enjoyed drawing them!  
Photographer Halo Wedding 
The Answers 
From the top 
Flame Lily Bouquet - The Lion King 
Basket of Apples -Snow White 
Pumpkin - Cinderella 
Clock and Lantern - Peter Pan 
Glass Dome and Rose - Beauty and the Beast 
Small Door - Love is an Open Door Frozen 
Boat - The Little Mermaid 
Candle and Carpets - Aladdin 
Tree Log and Horseshoe - Brave 
Centrepiece Ideas
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