As a Princess Children's Entertainer it was easy to assume that I would go in the direction of a big Princess style wedding dress, but I still had no idea what I actually wanted. I had three characteristics in mind for my dress. I wanted it to be 1. Elegant 2. Sexy 3. Dramatic! 
I visited four bridal shops on my search and must have tried on 20 dresses! The shop that I was most excited about was Fairytale Weddings in Towcester. I felt so drawn to it! I think it was partly because I had been driving past their gorgeous window displays for the last four years that when I got engaged I was so excited that I was finally allowed to go in! 
You may find when dress shopping that you unknowingly select dresses to try on which are all from the same designer, it just means you like their style so it's worth researching them further to find a bridal shop that stocks them. I liked dresses from Watters Woo and Ellis Bridal but every dress I tried from the designer Ian Stuart I l-o-v-e-d. It felt like his dresses were on a whole different level and Fairytale Weddings has a fantastic selection of his gowns to try on. 
My advice for a Bride-To-Be going dress shopping is to TRY EVERYTHING! Then try everything you liked AGAIN until you start to narrow it down. Walk around in the gown, how does it move? Do you feel comfortable and secure? It's also weird how your own personality changes depending on the personality of the dress. For example the dress I wore in the left photo above made me feel very romantic and dainty in contrast to the next dress I felt so sassy and stylish! Take LOTS OF PHOTOS from all angles. This was one of the most useful tips for me as I found I would forget and blur the memory of the dresses together in my mind. My sister was awesome at this and took photos of all the details and even captured some of my facial expressions including the dress that made me cry. It was the veil! It was the veil that brought on the waterworks and suddenly made it all very real that I was going to be a bride! Was that dress ''the one''? No it wasn't! But it came a very very close second! DON'T PUT PRESSURE ON YOURSELF TO FIND ''THE ONE'', I did not find my final choice during that first appointment but make a note of all the gowns you liked best for you to try them again at the next appointment. I found looking back through all the photos that my sister took really helped me to think about each gown later on (Well done Maid of Honour! Lots of brownie points for you!). BOOK ANOTHER APPOINTMENT to try your favourite dresses / best contendors again! TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION YOUR VENUE, you might want your wedding dress to fit the aesthetics of your venue- of course this is down to personal choice, but I found this influenced me and I wanted a dress to match the setting of our wedding. BRING PEOPLE WITH YOU WHO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD AND HAVE FUN! My Aunt had kindly gifted myself, my Mum and Sister Bridal Party tote bags with 'Mother of the Bride', 'Maid of Honour' written on them, they're from and they make really cute photo props! 
COLOURED DRESSES? These are really popular at the moment ranging from blush pinks, nudes, blue tones, but after trying some on I found they didn't make me feel enough like a 'Bride.' Personally I felt this was my chance to wear a big white dress until I tried ''Beauty Queen'' by Ian Stuart. It has a kind of champagne platimum colour which to me made it feel regal enough to be Bridal but it was still striking and unusual at the same time. I didn't like the beauty sash but I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it by using the material to add off-the-shoulder sleeves instead. I'm not going to lie I was also influenced by another Princess whose dress has off-the-shoulder sleeves! Throughout the process of trying dresses Mum had expressed she wanted me to have a dress with sleeves so I think she was happy with this arrangement too! So, had I found ''THE ONE''? We enquired about the was in the sale! After hearing that I remember my exact words were ''I think it's a no-brainer''.  
Thank you to the wonderful ladies at Fairytale Weddings for all of your kindness, advice and patience in helping me find my dream wedding dress! You made the experience so happy and fun! Thank you to seamstress Sheryl for adjusting the gown so perfectly and for adding my Beauty and the Beast style sleeves! Thank you to the talented Miss Clemmie for creating my beautiful bridal accessories to match! AND SO, DID THE GROOM APPROVE OF MY CHOICE? Cento per cento! 
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