Snuggling up with Red Velvet cake, Red Velvet Hot Chocolate, a live window display and harp concert with Sleeping Beauty. 
''Here lies Sleeping Beauty, knock on the window 3 times and blow a kiss to wake her from the spell''.  
A Valentine's Spell had been cast on Sleeping Beauty and there she lies asleep in the window of the Magic Bean Emporium. Every time a passer by tapped on the window to wake Sleeping Beauty from her slumber she would perform a song on her harp. Alas, the spell was a vicious cycle and the effect of the dreamlike music from the harp would send Sleeping Beauty back to sleep by the window of the cafe.  
A lot of people weren't even sure if the Princess in the window was real which gave some of the cafe's customers and people on the street a surprise everytime she stirred and woke up. We hope it has captured people's imagination and provided some entertainment! It has been a pleasure collaborating with the Magic Bean Emporium thinking up new interactive experiences as well as taking part in Storytime sessions in 'Cinderella's Cellar'.  
''Cinderella's Cellar' has a collection of objects from various fairy tales including the famous glass slipper, Snow White's magic mirror and even the spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty. Cosy beanbags are offered for the children to sit on the floor and benches for the adults to gather as the audience around the Storyteller.  
Everything about the Magic Bean is inspired by a love of books, reflected in the decor and their drinks, snacks and dessert menus which are very very tasty indeed! Keep an eye on their social media for more creative events celebrating Harry Potter, Superheroes, Princesses and Fantastic Beasts. Thank you to all of the staff for having Sleeping Beauty visit today, sending you all lots of love this Valentine's Day! 
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